Kirk Session


The Kirk Session is made up of the Minister of the Church and Elders who are elected by members of the congregation.   Currently our Kirk Session comprises the Minister (Moderator), and 18 elders.    Some of the main responsibilities of the Kirk Session include:



  • the spiritual welfare of the congregation and its members by encouraging them to participate in the worship and life of the congregation

  • regulating the hours and form of worship and the provision  of baptism and the observance of the Lord’s Supper

  • ensuring that the Word of God is taught in accordance with the Scriptures.

  •  promotion of mission

  • ensuring the care and wellbeing of children and young people.  

  • overseeing the various groups and committees that are formed  carry out God’s will for our congregations


Elders are usually assigned a “district” in which they will seek to provide pastoral support and encouragement for the families under their care in addition to the Minister.  This means that all families s can expect to receive personal home visits from their Elder and are welcome to turn to them for pastoral help as and when the need arises.